Nozomi Takayama is an artist / illustrator who is currently based in Tokyo, Japan .
She captures real moments through making crayon and pencil drawings, oil paintings, collages, and art books.
Nozomi was born and grew up in Osaka. At fifteen, she started working on oil painting and collage since being encouraged by her high school art teacher, Nobuyuki Shibuya, who is an oil painter.
She studied printmaking for two years in Osaka University of Arts Junior College, where she started line drawing to make etching work in 2011. Since then drawing has been her main style. In those days, a library was her workplace. Magazines and photo books were her influences which still can be seen in her books.
Nozomi's inspiration has been her personal life and journey since when she traveled around Europe for the first time for three months in 2014.
Over the past several years, she also makes tattoo designs and artwork for clients such as a Japan based musician, annie the clumsy.

タトゥーのデザイン、 初期作品からannie the clumsyのアルバムやグッズ等のアートワークなども手がける。